See Me in Salem and in Quiddity!

(I’m writing this from the airport in the midst of an hour and twenty minute delay, so forgive me if there are more typos and less cat photos than usual!)

  • I’m at the airport because I’m headed to Salem, Massachusetts for the Massachusetts Poetry Festival. I’ll be a presenter, along with Kathleen Ageuro, Karen V. Kukil (editor of Plath’s journals, which !!!!!!!) (I mean, she’s like the literary Beyonce) and our fearless and awesome moderator, Emily Van Duyne, on “‘She was come back to her early sea-town home:’ Sylvia Plath and the North Shore.” I’ll be talking about witchcraft, alchemy, American history, and invasive species. I’ll also offer a series of important reasons why the patriarchy should be smashed.
  • If you’re not going to be in Salem tomorrow, you can find my words in the latest issue of Quiddity, in which I am proud to have two poems.
  • Also, this morning, I walked out to find a stray black cat stretched out in front of my car and I’m pretty sure she was there to wish me safe travels to the motherland.

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