Two Poems and an Ode to Arcade Fire

  • I’ve got two new poems up at IthacaLit that would love it if you paid them a visit. Last IMG_5183month, right after medi(t)ations came out, my amazing work family hosted a book release party for me. I read these poems for the first time at that party and thanked the good people I work with for building a community where I felt comfortable enough to read the poems — and to write them. I feel like, since I started working here, I’ve written the most important poems of and to and in my life. These are two of those poems.
  • To continue the theme of school families, I’ve got a Fairy-Tale File up at the Fairy Tale Review. Each Fairy-Tale File takes a look at three versions of a fairy tale — or, in my case, a myth. I chose the myth of Orpheus and Eurydice, which I learned to love through my Rilke class and learned to re-love through Arcade Fire’s Reflektor, which makes this a double shout-out to my alma mater, Sarah Lawrence College. Check it out here! And then you should totally watch Arcade Fire videos because they are awesome, even without cats.

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