Interviews and Profiles


Interview on Famous Writing Routines

“My process always starts with rock tumbling: I tend to tumble a scene (or a poem, or a line, or a passage of dialogue) over in my mind until it’s smooth enough for me to make sense of it.”

Read Emma Bolden’s interview on Famous Writing Routines.


Interview on Salon

“An intimate, eloquent personal history of survival and self-discovery . . . One of the most riveting and accessible accounts of the experience of pain you’ll read all year.” —Mary Elizabeth Williams, Salon

Read Mary Elizabeth Williams’ interview with Emma Bolden, “‘I was 13 when doctors started telling me to have a baby’: A real-life tale of medical trauma,” on Salon.

Interview on Electric Lit

“For any reader ever cast as the unreliable narrator of their own story, I suspect Bolden’s memoir will feel like fierce, validating balm.” — Wynter K. Miller, Electric Literature

Read Wynter K. Miller’s interview with Emma Bolden, “How Do You Escape If Your Body Is the Prison?“, on the Electric Literature website.

Profile/Interview on Shondaland

“Bolden’s memoir digs into the layers of sociocultural beliefs around menstruation, fertility, the expectations of women’s role to mate and procreate, and the indivisible links between sexuality, psychological security, desire, and self-awareness.” —Cat Woods, Shondaland

Read all of Cat Woods’ “Emma Bolden Rediscovers Herself Amid Her Battle With Endometriosis in The Tiger and the Cage” on the Shondaland website.

Readings and Events for The Tiger and the Cage:

Chelsea Martin and Emma Bolden present their latest releases, Tell Me I’m An Artist and The Tiger and the Cage via Book Soup

Watch the recorded event with Chelsea Martin on Book Soup‘s website here. You can buy The Tiger and the Cage from Book Soup here and Chelsea Martin‘s Tell Me I’m an Artist here.

Emma Bolden & Angela Chen (November 1, 2022) via Greenlight Bookstore

Watch the recorded conversation with Angela Chen on Greenlight Bookstore‘s YouTube channel here. You can buy The Tiger and the Cage from Greenlight Books here and Angela Chen’s Ace: What Asexuality Reveals About Desire, Society, and the Meaning of Sex here.

The Tiger and the Cage: An Evening with Emma Bolden and Chantel Acevedo via Books and Books

Watch the recorded conversation with Chantel Acevedo on Books and Books‘ YouTube channel here. You can buy The Tiger and the Cage from Books and Books here and Chantel Acevedo’s books here.


An interview in Water-Stone Review’“In The Field: Conversations With Our Contributors” series on their blog.

Revision interview at Cave Wall.


Birmingham Poet Uses a ‘House’ to Explore her Personal Loss,” interview with WBHM’s Andrew Yeager.

10 Questions for Emma Bolden” at The Massachusetts Review.

Dr. South Love Or: How I Learned to Stop Listening and Love the Lady I Was” Local Spotlight at the Black Warrior Review.

Poems from House Is an Enigma featured in The Wardrobe’s Best Dressed from Sundress Publications.

A bit about “In the Springtime of Her Voodoo” at Glass: A Journal of Poetry.

A poetry mini interview.


NEA Literature Fellow statement and work sample.

Contributor Spotlight for the Bellingham Review.


“‘My Heart Pedals Shut’: On Distance, Desire, and Lyric Address in Recent Poetry by Women,” an essay about my chapbook, The Sad Epistles, and Megan Kaminski’s Desiring Map by Kristina Marie Darling in The Literary Review

A bit about my story, “Three Is the Loneliest Crowd: Discussion Questions” in Grist


Free Fall: The Chosen Poetry of Emma Bolden” by Casey Clabough in the Southern Literary Review.

An interview in the Fairy Tale Review‘s “Pins & Needles” series.

Profiled in “Learning to Keep Going: Alumni Authors” on the University of North Carolina at Wilmington Alumni Association’s blog

An interview with William Woolfitt about Geography V on Speaking of Marvels


An interview with Kristina Marie Darling and a preview of medi(t)ations on the Best American Poetry blog


An interview with Publish Chicago about The Sad Epistles


Hear me read “Finishing School” in the Black Warrior Review Local Spotlight (2019).

Hear me read three poems, “Hysterectomy/Recovery,” “The Imposition of Ashes,” and “Yes, I Would Like to Imagine the Self,” in TriQuarterly (January 2017).

Hear me read my short-short story, “Catechism,” from the first issue of the Tahoma Literary Review (August 2014)

Hear me read my essay, “Counting the Lovelies,” in the True Story Reading Series’ Podcast (from August 16th, 2013)

Hear me reading with Kate Greenstreet at the Indian Springs Visiting Writers Series (from February 18th, 2013)

Hear me read “The Witch Should Lament the World” (a poem from Maleficae), Ander Monson’s “Detail of My Sort of Light,” and e.e. cummings’ “maggie and milly and molly and mae” on One Pause Poetry’s mp3 project site

Hear me read some spooky poems on the 2011 Halloween Extravaganza episode of the Talus, or Scree podcast

Hear me read “Fall” from How to Recognize a Lady (part of Edge by Edge, the third in Toadlily Press’ Quartet Series)


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