Mermaids, Jell-O, Homecoming Queens, the Memphis Blues, and Cats

This has been an exciting week full of exciting things, and I’m excited to share them

The Hot Sundaes. This is a photograph to prove I didn't make that up.
The Hot Sundaes. This is a photograph to prove I didn’t make that up.

with you. Like, Jessie-Spano-Level excited. I’m so Jessie-Spano-Level excited that I’m going to give you the deets bullet-point style, as I’m sure The Hot Sundaes would too:

  • Last week, Queen’s Ferry Press launched the ship of The Best Small Fictions 2015. The ship’s being steered by two incredible captains — Tara L. Masih and Robert Olen Butler — and I’m proud to have a piece of flash fiction aboard. I will now stop extending this terrible metaphor and tell you that you can find the anthology on Amazon and at other online retailers, like Barnes and Nobles. Next year, the anthology will set sail with Stuart Dybek as the guest editor, and I promise to come up with a better metaphor to celebrate its voyage to your bookshelf.
  • If you find that poetry puts more wind in your sails (oh my God, I can’t stop, it’s a sickness), you can find two of my poems in the new atmosphere-themed issue of The Quotable. I experienced my first fire drill today, which makes “After the National Bulletin” even more (literally) resonant for me, as I still have the shrill tingle of a siren thrumming through my eardrums. You’ll also find “The Study of Surfaces, the Study of Curves,” which is another one of the poems I find myself writing about the thing I understand perhaps less than any other thing besides my tendency to create terrible extended metaphors: math.
  • In “I have waited all of my life to say this” news, I also have a poem about cats in the Catober issue of the cat-tacular Escape Into Life, which is dedicated, of course, to cats.
  • If you’re interested in hearing me over-share awkwardly while thinking through the mystery of a poem I made, this is the bullet point for you. I am thrilled and proud and humbled to harbinge the return of the Fairy Tale Review‘s Pins and Needles series with an interview about tercets, mermaids, radical hysterectomies, Beyoncé, and karaoke. I also talk about my poem, “In Every Tale About Hunger,” which appears in the Mauve Issue.
  • If this isn’t enough awkwardness for you, I’m also thrilled and proud and humbled to announce that you have an opportunity to hear me sputter through some over-sharing in person at the launch party for The Pinchs latest issue. I’ll be sharing the evening with Nickalus Rupert, the amazing people of The Pinch, an auction for David Sedaris tickets, and, perhaps most enticingly, some really important burritos. If you’re near Memphis, I hope you’ll come our way — and bring money for extra guacamole!

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