Three Poems In TriQuarterly

I’ve got three poems up in the new issue of TriQuarterly: “Yes, I Would Like to Imagine the Self,” “The Imposition of Ashes,” and “Hysterectomy/Recovery.” There’s a recording of

The poems are a little sad, so I decided to include a photograph of Gertrude Stein in the middle of doubting one of my promises.

me reading each poem, which you can listen to while looking at a photograph of the time I tried to do Valley of the Dolls hair and failed, which is posted next to my bio on the page. While you’re there, you should definitely think about Valley of the Dolls and how amazing it is for a while. When you’re finished with this important meditation, you should totally definitely visit the rest of the pieces in this issue, which are amazing and authored by some of my very favorite writers, including Maggie Smith, Emily Jaeger, Ruben Quesada — pretty much everyone in the issue, to be honest, and it’s an honor for my work to appear with theirs.


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