We Should Hang Out.

… and if you’re in the general Bloomington, Illinois area, we could totally hang out. I’m happy and humbled to say I’m heading up to Illinois tomorrow to read in the Spoon River Poetry Review Lucia Getsi Reading Series. I’ll be reading along with Ewa Chrusciel and Jonah Mixon-Webster Thursday (tomorrow!) night at 7 PM at Ewing Cultural center. You can find out more information about the reading on the Spoon River Poetry Review website, where you can also get a preview of my set list (yes, I just said “set list,” because sometimes I like to pretend I am Aerosmith) in the form of “It was no more predictable,” which won the 2015 Editor’s Prize.

So come out and hang out, if you’re around! I’ll have copies of Maleficae and Geography V and a lot of embarrassing stories and maybe, just maybe, photographs of my cats, because what says poetry more than embarrassing stories and cats?


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