Winter Death Blizzard Storm Saturn AWP Boston Rejections Four, Five, Six, and Seven


I call this “Rejection of Your Deliciousness, California Pizza Kitchen, In Favor of a Poetry Book (Which Appears to Be Kate Greenstreet’s Young Tambling, So Right On).”

I call this “Emma Totally Gets Caught Instagramming Someone In Line For The Ladies’ Room Dressed As A Shark, And Emma And Her Instagramming Are Summarily Rejected.”

I call this “Seasonal Appropriateness In Your Face, Supposed Springtime! You Are Rejected And It Is Always Christmas In Boston.”

I call this “Taken From A Very Comfortable Couch Rejected By This Group Of People Who May Or May Not Be Attending Either A Nametagless High School Reunion Or A Pharmaceutical Company Convention Who Preferred To Stand Awkwardly And Uncomfortably Rather Than Risk Sitting Next To A Bunch Of Writers.”


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