Here Are Some Announcements and Also Photographs of Cats

I’ve got a lot of writerly announcements for you, Internets, but in the interest of breaking things up, I also have a lot of cat photographs for you, Internets. Without further ado …


  • My mixed media/hybrid piece, “I Absentia,” is up at DIAGRAM. It’s hard to describe so I’ll take a break from the cat photos to offer a preview:



  • My short prose piece, “Good Girl,” is up in Issue Two of Panoplyzine.
  • Lastly but not leastly, I’m extremely excited and proud to say that I’m joining the staff of Tupelo Quarterly as a Senior Reviews Editor. I’m looking forward to working with the amazing staff and shining a light on some great new writers. Stay tuned!


Tell your mama, tell your pa …

… tomorrow, I’m going to be reading in Arkansas!

I’m sorry, but it was physically impossible for me to avoid that physically painful pun. To be honest, I’ll probably make a lot of equally painful puns tomorrow, June 14th, when I read in the Open Mouth Reading Series in Fayetteville, Arkansas. It’s at 8:00 at The Nines and if you’re in the Fayetteville area, I hope to see you there.

If you can’t make it to Arkansas, you can still meet me online and in print. In the Interwebospehere, I’ve got two poems up at IthacaLit and they’d love for you to visit. My review of Cassandra Smith’s ethereally beautiful u&i is up at Tupelo Quarterly this month. In the printosphere, I’m proud to say I have two poems in the latest issue of Quiddity and four poems in Handsome, the literary journal of Black Ocean Press. My poems have some very good neighbors, so I hope you’ll swing by this literary block party and stay for the karaoke.

See? Bad puns, poorly-executed extended metaphors — and many more await you should you meet me at The Nines at 8:00 tomorrow!

See Me in Salem and in Quiddity!

(I’m writing this from the airport in the midst of an hour and twenty minute delay, so forgive me if there are more typos and less cat photos than usual!)

  • I’m at the airport because I’m headed to Salem, Massachusetts for the Massachusetts Poetry Festival. I’ll be a presenter, along with Kathleen Ageuro, Karen V. Kukil (editor of Plath’s journals, which !!!!!!!) (I mean, she’s like the literary Beyonce) and our fearless and awesome moderator, Emily Van Duyne, on “‘She was come back to her early sea-town home:’ Sylvia Plath and the North Shore.” I’ll be talking about witchcraft, alchemy, American history, and invasive species. I’ll also offer a series of important reasons why the patriarchy should be smashed.
  • If you’re not going to be in Salem tomorrow, you can find my words in the latest issue of Quiddity, in which I am proud to have two poems.
  • Also, this morning, I walked out to find a stray black cat stretched out in front of my car and I’m pretty sure she was there to wish me safe travels to the motherland.

Two Poems and an Ode to Arcade Fire

  • I’ve got two new poems up at IthacaLit that would love it if you paid them a visit. Last IMG_5183month, right after medi(t)ations came out, my amazing work family hosted a book release party for me. I read these poems for the first time at that party and thanked the good people I work with for building a community where I felt comfortable enough to read the poems — and to write them. I feel like, since I started working here, I’ve written the most important poems of and to and in my life. These are two of those poems.
  • To continue the theme of school families, I’ve got a Fairy-Tale File up at the Fairy Tale Review. Each Fairy-Tale File takes a look at three versions of a fairy tale — or, in my case, a myth. I chose the myth of Orpheus and Eurydice, which I learned to love through my Rilke class and learned to re-love through Arcade Fire’s Reflektor, which makes this a double shout-out to my alma mater, Sarah Lawrence College. Check it out here! And then you should totally watch Arcade Fire videos because they are awesome, even without cats.

Spring Break News from the Bolden Front

  • Thank you to C.A. LaRue of BoneSpark for choosing medi(t)ations as a recommended book by a lady writer!
  • If you’re interested in some hybrid poetry/lyric essaying, you can order medi(t)ations from Amazon or Small Press Distribution.
  • If you’re interested in a signed copy of some hybrid poetry/lyric essaying, message me here!
  • If you’re interested in hearing some awesome poetry while hanging out with some awesome people, check out the Impossible Language Reading Series in Memphis, Tennessee! The reading will take place tomorrow, March 19th, at 7:00 at Story Booth. I’ve lost my voice to an illness and won’t be able to read, which breaks my heart into a million pieces, but if you’ll head to Story Booth and support these amazing poets and people, it’ll help my heart and respiratory system to heal.