What’s the Buzz:


21 August 2014:

I am proud-beyond-proud, honored-beyond-honored, and humbled-beyond-humbled to announce that my poem, “It was no more predictable,” was chosen as the winner of the Spoon River Poetry Review‘s 2014 Editor’s Prize Contest.  This means that I’ll be heading to Blooming, Illinois to read in the Lucia Getsi Reading Series in April of 2015.  As an added bonus, my poem “My little apparition, my little ghost” (the title of which actually came from an episode of Celebrity Ghost Stories) was chosen as an Honorable Mention.  You can find more information about the Prize and the Reading Series on the Spoon River Poetry Review’s website.

13 August 2014:

TURN DOWN FOR WHAT Update: Read Stephen McClurg’s awesomazing (yeah, I just made that word happen) refusal to turn down here!

The marvelously amazing Chantel Acevedo and I kicked off our TURN DOWN FOR WHAT Writers Blog tour today.  You can find Chantel’s answers here and my answers here.  Next week?  Another round of shots, of course!  At least, metaphorically — from Rachel Hawkins and Stephen McClurg.