Poems Available Online:

Academy of American Poets:Mama, I’m in Deep,” “Hysterectomy/Recovery,” and “Beyond Love

45th Parallel: “The gods have a bullet” and “The First Time After Surgery”

About Place“Alabama Winter”

Adirondack Review:
“Divergent Boundaries,” “Convergent Boundaries,” “The Vessel,” “Who’s to Say Who’s to Blame for the End,” and “Because of What Can’t Be Said I Say This”

American Literary Review
: “The Museum of the Body


The Best American Poetry blog: Excerpt from medi(t)ations

Black Warrior Review: “Finishing School

Blue Mountain Community College Warming Station Contest: “As One Would Imagine After” 

The Blueshift Journal:
In Something Like Spring

Breakwater Review
In Deep

B O D Y:
House Is an Embarrassment” (Featured as Verse Daily‘s Web Weekly Feature for the week of June 17th, 2013)

The Boiler: “The Story’s Always Easy,“The Summer I Wondered Why Dresses Exist,” and “My Own Sweetness, Assassin”

Causeway Lit
: “Edit” (Fall 2016 Poetry Contest Winner)

Clementine Poetry Journal:

“Because the Body Is a Place Strange, Unmapped” and “House Is A Hoard”

Cortland Review:
The Witch Is Called and Answers” and “The Villagers Make Known Their Warning to the Witch

Country Dog Review:
The Witch’s Vision” and “The Witch’s Apprenticeship

Delirious Hem
: “He Could Always Promise, She Could Only

Duende: “Because I Could Neither Forget Nor Forgive” and “I Found Myself on the Edge”

Escape Into Life
: “Melancholy Inside Gardens,” “I Was A Bad Child And I Was A Match,” “Melancholy Inside Cockpits,” and “We Are Having This Conversation.”

Downburst” and “A Breviary

Ghost Proposal
Woman Found Chained in Metal Container” (with Ashley Roach-Freiman)

Glass: A Journal of Poetry: “In the Springtime of Her Voodoo,” “In America We Have Only the Present Tense,” “Christmas, 2016,” and “Arlington

Guernica:The Witch’s Burning

Gulf Coast:

Iron Horse Literary Review‘s NewsFlash Series: “Incendiary Devices” (17 November, 2018)

Josephine Quarterly
“Deposition: On That Night & All That Was After”

Ilanot Review:
Are We Our Asking” and “Corrections

interrupture: “Of Flora, Of Fauna” (Featured as Verse Daily‘s Web Weekly Feature for the week of January 20th, 2014)

IthacaLit: I Was Told Not To Write About The Body” and “The Daughter I Will Never Have

LiGHT/WATER“We Turned Into Our Turning”

Linebreak: Testimony

MemoriousPalmistry” and “The Witch Remembers

milk: Domestic Industry

The Museum of Americana: “Beneath the Highway, Between Two Nights

National Poetry Review: “House Is The Word My Doctors Used For My Body” (Featured as Verse Daily‘s Web Weekly Feature for the week of November 20th, 2017)

Nice Cage: “An Unmothered Guide to Grief,”The Plight Troth,” and “Shower Season

Nightjar Review: “An Inheritance of Wind” and “Somewhere East of Birmingham, I Hung Up My Harp

Permafrost: “A Lack of Lustful Inclinations,” “Southern, Belled,” “A Life Constructed Disappears,” and “Sunday Schooled

PIF Magazine:  “Palmistry” and “The Witch Is Called and Answers

Really SystemRoleplaying in Boardrooms and Bedrooms” and “Bathemetry

Rhino: Of Blue Morning

Rust + Moth: “Collect of the Day” (Featured as Verse Daily‘s Web Weekly Feature for the week of October 29th, 2018)

The Witch Curses the Man Who Betrayed Her” and “The Liturgy of the Word (Chapter XV)

Screen Door ReviewDry Needling,” “Straight,” and “He Says

Segue: “Because of the House We Have Built for Our Language

Sequestrum: Melancholy Between Bedsheets” and “Instructions (as to Winnowing)

The Shallow EndsAmber Alert

Sinking City: Under the Threat of Eden

Sliver of Stone: “On the Self-Guided Tour of the Fountain of Youth”

South Writ LargeThe Dog You Feed

Switched-On Gutenberg: This Is Not a Poem for You

Tinge Magazine: “Melancholy in Definitions” and “That Night In (The Car & the Inside & Outside & So)”

The Tishman Review
: “After Auden

Toad: Melancholy Inside the Body

TriQuarterly: “Hysterectomy/Recovery,” “The Imposition of Ashes,” and “Yes, I Would Like to Imagine the Self”

Waccamaw: X

Wherewithal: “Viscera

Poems have also appeared (or soon will appear) in the following print journals and anthologies:

5×5, 32poems, Adanna Literary Journal, Aesthetica, American Poetry Journal, Beloit Poetry Journal, The Best American Poetry 2015, Billet Doux (Dancing Girl Press’ epistolary book arts anthology), Briar Cliff Review, Broken Bridge Review, Cave Wall, Cimarron Review, Cincinnati Review, Colorado Review, Comstock Review, Conduit, Copper Nickel, Court Green, Crab Orchard Review, Cranky, dANDelion, Eclipse, Fairy Tale Review, Feminist Studies, Found Poetry Review, Green Mountains Review, The Greensboro Review, Grist: The Journal for Writers, Helen, Hiram Poetry Review, Inch, Indiana Review, Jabberwock Review, James Dickey Review, The Journal, Lilliput Review, Lost Horse Press’ Nasty Women Poets: An Unapologetic Anthology of Subversive Verse, MARGIE: The American Journal of Poetry, the minnesota review, the Mississippi Review, narrative (dis)continuities: prose experiments by younger american writers, Nassau Review, New Madrid, Nimrod, Noon: Journal of the Short Poem, Passages North, The Pinch, Poet Lore, POOL: A Journal of Poetry, Prairie Schooner, Printer’s Devil Review, Puerto Del Sol, Quarterly West, Quiddity, Rabbit Ears: TV Poems, Red Mountain Review, Redivider, The 2010 Rhysling Anthology, Salamander, Shenandoah, Show and Tell: Writers on Writing (Revised and Expanded), So to Speak, Southern Humanities Review, Spoon River Poetry Review, Tapestry, Triquarterly, the Vassar Review, VERSE, Volt, Whiskey Island, and the Yalobusha Review.

3 thoughts on “Poetry

  1. Hi Emma- Where can I read your winning poem from Spoon River, called “”It was no more predictable””? I’m not finding it. Thank you!

  2. Hi Nova! Thank you for seeking it out! I think it’ll appear in an upcoming print issue, and in the past, they’ve posted the winning poems online. I’ll make sure to post when I find out more!

  3. Hi Emma

    Very excited to see all your wonderful achievements and absolutely love your poetry and distinctive voice and style, an incredible oeuvre already. Can’t wait to see what is next in your work and career!

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