Interview about House Is an Enigma in Full Stop

House is An Enigma—when I say that title aloud, what emotions come up for you?

Pride. A lot of pride. The poems in this book are my most personal and most frightening, as they address the things that frighten me the most.

cropped-house-for-twitter-front-only.jpgStephen J. Furlong and I talked about House Is an Enigmaand you can read our conversation in Full Stop. I’m so grateful for Stephen’s perceptive, engaging questions, which led me to talk about Emily Dickinson, art school, x-rays, ovaries, brain dumps, House of Leaves, and Agnes Obel‘s Citizen of Glass (I can’t stop listening to it). Thank you to Full Stop for giving this interview a home.


PS: When you check out the interview and all the goodness that Full Stop has to offer, I hope you’ll also check out Stephen J. Furlong’s What Loss Taught Me from Nostrovia! Press.

House Is an Enigma Reviewed in Salamander Magazine


I’m tremendously grateful to Kasey Jueds for her beautiful and perceptive review of House Is an Enigmaand I’m also grateful to Salamander Magazine for giving this review a home. You can visit it here. While you’re there, I hope you’ll check out excerpts from their latest issue, which features work by Jane Hirshfield, Fanny Howe, Nick Flynn, Jessica Cuello, and more extraordinary writers. And while you’re at it, you should definitely check out Kasey Jueds’ extraordinary work, including her Agnes Lynch Starrett Prize winning collection, Keeper.