A flock of poems, plus a word about witch trials.

I haven’t posted in a thousand forevers. Forgive me. I’ve been shoulder-deep in poems and drafts and, I will be honest, a lot of videos of corgis, especially corgis belonging to the Queen. Corgi care is self-care, y’all.

I have been tremendously lucky lately to have some amazing journals take a chance on my work. Here’s a list of links to poems I’ve had published online lately and where you can find them:

malificaecoverFinally, a brief word: there’s been a great deal of talk about witch trials lately, and it feels very serendipitous that my first full-length collection, Maleficae, has gone into a second edition and is once again available for purchase on Amazon (signed copies are also available — just send me a note via the comment page!). The book tells the story of a midwife/healer tried and executed as a witch during a real and actual witch trial. It also explores the forces that led to the trials, during which over one hundred thousand people were killed. The material felt urgent when I wrote it, but it feels infinitely more urgent now.