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That Was The Week That Was: Week Seventeen (AND BEYOND)

In which Emma offers a great many photographs for the week and then some past. Continue reading

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Chantel Acevedo on Self-Publishing, Sparta, HTML Coding, Snake Women, Hades, Dumbledore, and Other Things Supremely Awesome

Chantel Acevedo stops by and talks ancient Sparta on the blog with me! Continue reading

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“Feel like letting my freak flag fly / Oh I feel like I owe it to someone”

In which Emma fights various permutations of The Man. Continue reading

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I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends

In which Emma offers many well-deserved plugs for fabulous people, places, poets, and projects. Continue reading

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“Won’t you please come to Chicago / Show your face!”

I know that many of you will be making the trek up to lovely and temperate Chicago, IL, for the AWP Conference, and I want to see you there!  I will be spending most of my time in the book fair, at the Georgetown Review‘s table.  We’ll have many an issue for sale — and … Continue reading

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Books just scored from the Please-Help-Me-Clear-Out-My-Office Box in the copy room: Robinson Jeffers’ Rock and Hawk. Before, I’d only owned a tiny sliver of a Selected Poems found on clearance at Barnes and Nobles for a dollar, bought mainly because of “The Purse-Seine.” T.S. Eliot’s The Use of Poetry and The Use of Criticism and … Continue reading