A brief break from the poetry / announcements / Chchchchanges / COLLECT! / disagreeable/agreeable / disappearances / Emma's attempts at normal life / Emma's attempts at real life (failed or otherwise) / EPIC FAIL / failed or otherwise / Failure Schmailure / Fight the power! / grief / ill omens / it is ON. / Letters to Inanimate Objects / love / Movin' on / NOT COOL. / Photo for the day / pictorial representations / rejection / relationships / So long / Stationary Objects and Collisions Therewith / visual representations / [expletive deleted]

Dear Mr. Coffee

Dear Mr. Coffee,
I have, yet again, felt the terror of your hatred and disdain.


At this point, it’s all too clear: we have grown apart, and so have our wants and needs.


It’s over, Mr. Coffee. I wish you the best. And no, we cannot be friends.

Good luck with your future endeavors at the Humane Society Thrift Shop.


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