We now interrupt our regularly scheduled blogramming.


Though it didn’t start out that way.  It actually started out in a pretty craptacular way.  In fact, for most of the morning, I was All Like This:

Figure A: An illustration of how I started off the day, being All Like That.

As shown in Figure A, today, All Like This was All Kinds of Grumpy Despite Wearing A Very Festive Holiday-esque T-Shirt..

But THEN, I logged into WordPress, where I saw that my blog was featured on the homepage as being Freshly Pressed!  Which is AWESOME, and which meant that I was no longer All Like This but instead All Like WOAH*, as illustrated in Figure B:

Figure B: A representation of me being All Like WOAH.*

This is an occasion so special as to warrant a photograph of cats being All Like Awwww (Holiday Style):

Figure C: A photograph of cats being All Like Awww (Holiday Style) whilst wearing antlers.

Thank you, WordPress peeps, for choosing my blog, and thanks to everyone who has stopped by! Tune in later tonight for my 12 Days of Christmas Retrospective post.

* For further reference regarding what it means to be All Like Woah, may I direct you to the following video of a song from the All Stars season of America’s Next Top Model, performed by Lisa D’Amato and featuring the most superfluous cameo in the history of mankind.